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Keys to Success in 2020, Let's Go!

Posted by Joe Lusardi on

With the beautiful weather here in western New York yesterday I found myself thinking more and more about the upcoming season! I have done so much research on great players, both past and present, and the common denominator’s that are involved in becoming a great player!  Not only do they embrace the mamba mentality when it comes to their physical development but maybe even more importantly - their mental development as well.  At The Elite Junior Academy and Lusardi Golf Performance Center we often talk about patience, dedication, repetition, and time when it comes to achieving our goals. That’s why it is important to understand progressive mastery. as research has shown there are steps to progressive mastery:
1. Determine a skill that you want to master
2. Set specific goals on your path to developing that skill 
3. Attach high levels of emotion and meaning to your journey and your results
4. Identify the factors critical to success and develop your strength in those areas and work on your weaknesses with equal effort
5. Visualize and clearly imagine what success and failure look like to you
6. Play challenging practice habits developed by coaches or through careful thought
7. Measure your progress and get outside feedback
8. Socialize your learning and efforts by practicing or competing with others
9. Continue setting SMART goals so that you keep improving
10. Show others what you were learning
Is 10 principles of progressive mastery are a version of what is often called “deliberate practice” a term coined by sports psychologist Anders Ericsson!
The process can sometimes be filled with struggle. Those who honor the struggle and embrace the challenge will have no regrets on the journey of chasing their dreams!

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